India Speed Post Status and Tracking

Speed post is a service of the India post office whose mandate is to offer express and timely courier services to all corners of the country. Regional offices ensure that all areas are easily accessible and letters and parcels posted reach their destination without delay. Time-bound and fast delivery of Letters Parcels, Documents.The reason why speed post continues to dominate the domestic courier market is the adoption of ‘One India One rate’, a scheme that charges a flat rate to all destinations within the country

The term speed post itself describe the characteristics of the Premium courier service Not only across the nation but around the globe.  The User of Speed post services can track his letter using an online Speed Post Tracking system. Passport delivery status can also track by this tool. 

The features of Speed Post are listed below

  • There is an insurance facility for valuable consignments for up to a certain set amount. If you have paid the insurance fee, then you will be compensated in the event of loss.
  • Both the sender and the receiver of a consignment are able to track its location by use of an online platform. Upon delivery, the recipient receives a free text message telling them of where to collect their parcel or letter.
  • Speed post ha sin the recent past introduced a facility that safeguards online traders against fraud. By signing up for the cash on delivery feature, a buyer is prompted to pay for goods at the time of collecting them.
  • Corporate customers and repeat senders are offered credit facilities and discounts based on the volume of consignment.
  • SMS based delivery report on mobile at free of cost.
  • PAN India as well as international Network
  • Affordable and Reasonable Price and charges compare to other players.
  • Customer Care and support Services
  • Receiving Confirmation / Status check

The huge size of the Indian post office service makes it a very large organization and hence the need to automate it. Apart from tracking post online, senders can also send confirmation codes via text messaging to know where their consignment has reached. With a network of over 1.5 million sub stations across India automation simplifies the entire process both for the clients and workers. Value for money has become a key parameter in the current business scene and any organization with a vision of excellent customer service must embrace it. Speed post tracking in India has proven that even with a small fee to the customer, much can still be achieved. This is no doubt the force that will continue to make it a market leader in days to come. 

Other important advantages of Speed Post is that the letter, parcel or article may be delivered normally in the time frame of 24 to 72 hours within India, depending on the destination.  Another great advantage of Speed post is that you don't have to worry about delivery of the goods. You can use the speed post status tracking service or speed post trackingonline delivery status to check current location your speed posted article. The prices of Speed Post is nominal as compared to other private courier service providers.

Speed Post Tracking

Speed Post Tracking is an online service to track (Current Location, Delivery Status)  your article that you sent to someone using speed post.  By using Speed post tracking system people can track whether their artices have been delivered or not (india post tracking). Every article booked through Speed Post has an unique "Tracking Number"  that number can be used to track the article/ consignment

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