Post office Time / Business Hours

Normal week days. - (i) At every Post Office and RMS Office, the hours during which business is transacted with the public and the times at which mails are delivered and dispatched are conspicuously notified. The public business hours are fixed with regard to local convenience and the arrival and departure timings of the mails and all work at the Post office counters is stopped precisely at the latest hours fixed. The business hours in the principal Post Offices are generally as indicated below on normal week days, which are not post office holidays.

For Reference and enquiries, sale of the postage stamps and stationery and grant of certificate of posting take place during the entire working hour of the office.

For booking of registered and insured articles, including value payable articles parcels and telegraphic money orders. For about six to seven hours (On Saturdays usually for five hours stopping at 3 pm)

For issue of money orders, sale and payment of postal orders, Savings Bank and Post Office Certificate transactions and payment of telephone bills. Etc. For about five hours (One Saturdays for three hours stopping at 1 p.m.)

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